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those skill sets so that the twitters and the zingers and the salesforces were higher than in a few short years. they become part of economic justice in san francisco. they received their very first because in recognition of everything that's going on in education, all the struggles that we had before, our middle schools are not caught up yet. all 12 middle schools now have those computer sets for the first time in the history of our school district. we're making that commitment. we're delivering on those promises for everybody. we want this city to be the city for the 100% and ultimately, one of those kids will also become the mayor of san francisco. >> [applause] >> as was stated earlier, one of my highest priorities
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continues to be job creation for so many other people linking our residents and our youth with job opportunities. so it was last year we announced very boldly with our supervisor, supervisor you're not missed this year that she joins with me and the board is signaling to our youth a group of people that i know is at the heart of her agenda and others at the human rights commission that work with me, that we created 5200 jobs last summer for our youth. were not still satisfied with that. this year we announced 6000 jobs and the numbers will come in very shortly as the summer ends. i hope that those numbers reflect that accomplishment. because jobs and dignity are part of that agenda. >> [applause] >> we are not going to leave it
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just for the jobs. we are not going to leave anyone behind in our cities. we are forming new partnerships for the very technology industry companies that are beginning and have been locating here in san francisco to help us create the new workforce. because if we don't can certainly create that workforce it'll be created by somebody else for other people. so we formed a training row graham in 19 san francisco residents of diverse backgrounds to the jobs in the tech sector called tech sf. they've already began to enroll their graduates into the very technology company that are successfully locating here in the city. as i said earlier, were making progress in our public school system. test scores are at an all-time high in truancy is down in our school district, where one of
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the highest performance entities in the state broadly satisfied with that because we know ours middle schools are not good enough. were going to get the good were going to get to parental engagement in our middle schools. that's where the downfall that the two lindsay is at. we will help them to exceed. we will deliver even more resources and tax. in fact, this year the city of san francisco will help with over $100 million of resources to our san francisco school district. were not going to let them be isolated anyone. this is the future markets and public education is at the heart of it. we will help them succeed. were also making sure that this very expensive city is more affordable to more people. i know there's a lot of concern about that and we need to work on it. >> [applause] >> that's why i push hard on the housing trust fund that was passed last year creating one
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and half billion dollars, not million, one and half billion dollars to build more affordable housing in the next 30 years in san francisco. not stopping with that. to give mr. kelly and i are working very hard to re-envision a public housing, to note that sold housing. you know that's isolated poverty. you can't let that happen any longer. we've got to build mixed income housing and keep our promise to the residence. they're going to save housing housing networks, maintained for generations to come. not only is a promise we were doing that. we are doing that as we speak. >> [applause] >> yes, while were taking care of our residents we are also once again being a model to the nation by welcoming immigrants and empowering new citizens by launching an initiative called, pathways to citizenship, to
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ensure 100,000 san franciscans who are eligible for citizenship and pursue their new opportunities and be part of building our city's economy. when president obama conference of immigration reform is good for the country we begin by saying, here in san francisco and it begins with citizenship. that's the goal that we have. everybody must fully participate in our economy. >> [applause] >> we continue to be one of the most diverse cities in the country. that diversity helps us maintain our strength, our voices to be heard and that's why i believe our city becomes the number one model for affordable healthcare, and for housing, and for jobs. as you all know, san francisco city that celebrates and rewards pioneers and innovators. ground
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breakers and risk takers. our friend, dr. is just that person. dr. jones we are grateful for your contribution to the civil rights movement as not only the attorney, the advisor, and the speechwriter, but your words have been inspiring not only to all of us but to me personally. it inspires me to do more. it creates conditions under which i do not sit every time we come was something we say what's next because the dream has not been fulfilled for so many people. so, your words continue to inspire me and inspire us. you make the changes that we want to be and we march ahead and we will not turn back until everybody is taken care of. so it is with great pleasure that i celebrate you, dr. jones, and present you
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with an award on behalf of the city and county of san francisco in honor of the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. please, dr. jones step forward. >> [applause] >> dr. jones, on behalf of the city please accept this award of recognition for all your words that live on today and will love on forever with us. >> [applause] >> [music]
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